Travel Packing Tips | 10 Days in a Carry-On


I just got back from a 10 day trip to London and Iceland (recap to come) and I only brought a carry-on and a personal bag. Honestly, it was a STRUGGLE to fit everything I wanted to bring. Both London and Iceland had cooler rainy weather but I wanted to look cute for the 3 days we were in London and be prepared for the 7 days of outdoorsy adventures in Iceland. I started pulling clothes I wanted to bring into a pile and soon had a baby mountain that was clearly NOT going to fit in a carry-on. To stop myself from overpacking, I visually put together outfits and thought hard about what I would actually need. I came up with a system that I’m pretty proud of and wanted to share!Read More »

Disney | OOTD + Tips

A couple weekends ago, Jake (aka bf) and I took a trip to the happiest place on Earth: Orlandoooo *cue the Book of Mormon Orlando song*. We’ve been “planning” to go for a year so we were really excited that it was finally happening!!!! It was a short weekend trip with only 2 full days to go to parks, so we narrowed it down to one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Epcot. Magic Kingdom was a no-brainer because Jake had never been. You can’t go to Disney and not go to Magic Kingdom at least once! Epcot I wasn’t too sure about at first. I visited that park when I was a kid and thought it was SO BORING but BOY WAS I WRONG. Magic Kingdom is magical and super Disney but Epcot is the best park ever ever ever when you’re a legal adult who enjoys looking at things. At Epcot, you can eat and drink around the world, see and experience other cultures (kind of), and have fun without standing in endless crowds/lines. Highly recommend.Read More »